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CLI Reference

The getSTRM PACE CLI (pace) reference
The getSTRM PACE CLI (pace) is the primary tool for managing your data policies.
The CLI follows the same structure as many other popular CLI tools, like kubectl.


Verbs first

Most commands in the CLI start with a verb, and then a noun, for example: list data-policies.
The currently supported verbs are:
  • get: Get a resource by its primary key (usually a "id" or "ref" attribute). An error is returned if the resource does not exist.
  • list: List resources of a given type. An empty list is returned if nothing is found.
  • upsert: Create a new or update an existing resource.

Sensible defaults

Not every attribute needs to be specified when creating resources, so typically only one or two options are needed to create a resource.

Global commands

The following commands that are not directly tied to a resource are available in the CLI:
  • help: The general help page.
  • version: Displays the current version and build information.
  • completion: generates completions for a given terminal (bash, zsh, fish, PowerShell)

Global flags

--api-host --help --output
--api-host API host name (default "localhost:50051")
--help Displays the help page


The following entities are available in the CLI:
  • catalog
  • data-policy
  • database
  • group
  • processing-platform
  • schema
  • table
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