Using tags in Postgres

Since PostgreSQL has no "native" support for tags on columns, we've come up with a syntax to allow specifying tags in comments on columns. The syntax allows specifying tags in any position of the comment string, in the following formats:

  • pace::my_tag

  • pace::my-tag

  • pace::mytag

  • pace::"my tag"

Keep in mind that tags are currently prefixed with the fixed string pace::.

Comment examples

Consider the following comment on a non-nullable field email, with data type string.

This field should be considered as pace::pii. It should only be used for approved purposes. Furthermore, it's format is an pace::email and the domain is the only part that should be shown.

This will translate into the following field in the fields section of the Data Policy:

  - name_parts:
    - email
    required: true
    - pii
    - email
    type: varchar

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