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As we build PACE, we focus on extending core functionality and welcome your suggestions. Reach out to [email protected] for suggestions/requests and tp prioritise together.
  • Synapse and Fabric as data platform to support Azure, Redshift for AWS.
  • JDBC supported platforms and databases
  • PowerBI, Looker to match table permissions and presentation to downstream reporting
  •, Atlan as catalogs
PACE Engine
  • Dryrun API, to simulate and how policies play out pre-apply
  • A simpler way to define UDF's as transforms
  • Using data contract standards to define Pace rulesets (like SodaCL)
  • A way to (re-)use dbt transforms
  • Hotword/deny lists for filtering
  • Mapping and grouping for user groups and values
  • Policy versioning and schema change detection
Governance and compliance
  • Audit logs
  • Natural language for translating policy descriptions to rulesets.
  • PACE cloud
  • OAuth
Reach out if any of the above is relevant and/or urgent to you.