Containerized dbt module

The requirements for running the PACE dbt module inside a container are:

  • JVM Runtime (Java 17 or later)

  • The PACE dbt module jar file (can be retrieved from a release's Assets on the PACE Releases page on GitHub)

Therefore, you can easily add PACE dbt to your container image, by ensuring that these prerequisites are met. You can modify your Dockerfile, in order to initiate a multi-stage build process, where a JVM container image will be used as a base to copy the JVM from.

An example of what a Dockerfile could look like is shown below:

FROM eclipse-temurin:21-jre-jammy as jvm

FROM python:slim

RUN mkdir /app

# Copy the JVM runtime
COPY --from=jvm /opt/java/openjdk /opt/java/openjdk
COPY dbt.jar /app/dbt.jar

# Set the environment variables and add the JVM to the PATH
ENV JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/openjdk

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